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  • Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 00:05:01 -0400

These rules are automatically sent out as a reminder on the first of 
each month. Please read them carefully. Also, please do not reply to 
this email. Instead, if you have any questions or need help regarding 
the list please email one of the Co-Moderators.

If you need to manage your list subscription, or view the list archives, 
at the bottom of each message posted to the list is the associated links 
to manage your subscription or view the archives.

Here are the list rules...

RULE 1: One of our main goals is to have our discussion list be a 
resource for not only adults, but also children. Based on that, 
absolutely no cursing, vulgar language, crude joking, or any obscene 
language is permitted on this list. Since some may be wondering what we 
consider to be curse words, we will illistrate. We consider the minor 
curse words hell and s**t vulgar and as to be expected, any of the major 
curse words are not permitted on the list. We do not permit starred out 
curse words to be posted to the list such as s**t.

RULE 2: Stay On-Topic - this mailing list is about BSC Games. The talk 
on the list is expected to be primarily about games produced by BSC. If 
another topic comes up, we won't immediately kick the person off but we 
do like to stay on topic to get feedback about our products to improve 
them for our customers.

RULE 3: Never send/post virus warnings, chain email, jokes, file 
attachments, advertising of any kind, or other such material to this 
mailing list.

RULE 4: Turn off the "request a receipt" option in Outlook express, 
Outlook, or any other email program that has a similar feature. The list 
does not want to be prompted to send a receipt to you with every message 
you post to it. It is simply annoying!

RULE 5: Flaming will not be tolerated. Anyone who starts a flame war 
will be given 1 or 2 warnings and if it doesn't stop, you'll be removed.

RULE 6: Arguing is not permitted but discussion is encouraged. 
Disagreements are to be expected; blatant rudeness and lack of respect 
are NOT expected nor will they be tolerated.

RULE 7: If you are going to explain to someone on list an exact strategy 
on how to beat a level in a game, or a strategy on how to beat a 
difficult part in a game, or a strategy on how to beat a game itself, we 
ask you to place spoiler space prior to telling the strategy/tip. 
Spoiler space should be spelled out one letter per line and then share 
the strategy/tip. For example:



Now share your strategy after the spoiler space. if you read the spoiler 
space one line at a time you will see that each letter is on one line. 
The spoiler space lets people skip reading the tip if they do not want 
to read it.

Rule 8: Have fun on list! We are all looking forward to meeting you!

Please do not reply to this message. If you have any questions
please Email one of the moderators.

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