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Not sure if you can use this to your advantage but if you are testing
against a true circle you might be able to significantly simplify your
collision detections because with a circle, to tell if a point is
inside or outside the circle you just calculate the distance between
the point and the center of the circle and see if it's less than the
radius of the circle.

This is a simplified example since you are testing against lines, not
points, but in that case too you should be able to simplify things (:

Another neat thing about circle tests is that finding the distance
between points can be slow because of the square root calculation, so
what you can do instead is square both sides of the equation and
compare squared distances so you don't have to do the square root

sounds like you're having fun though and sounds like a pretty awesome project (:

On 2/27/07, Chris Nystrom <cnystrom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2/27/07, Scott Harper <lareon@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anyway, I hope for this project to become a nice game, but also I
> would like to open my framework up for community modification when I
> get closer to having things ironed out and they aren't in such a
> constant state of flux.  I think there are at least a few classes I
> have, for instance, which have redundant/unnecessary data in them.

If you are planning on opening up your sources, you might consider
opening them up earlier rather than later.

> Sorry for the long post, I just needed a break to wind down before
> bed after beating my brains 'gainst my keyboard for the last few
> hours. ^_^

Sounds like you are doing a really great job.

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