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  • Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:41:32 +1000

Hi all,

Just to confirm a few things for Friday.

Martin will be collecting the bus and trailer on Friday morning. We will be
meeting and leaving from my place. It will be your responsibility to get
yourself and your bike to my place by 12.30pm. My address is as follows:

54 Harrison Street

Please ensure your bike is boxed and ready to go when you get there. A
number of riders are dropping their bikes over on Thursday night. You are
welcome to do this but the bike will be stored (locked garage) at your risk
as I doubt my insurance would cover 17 bikes. Do not be late as it is
important we leave on time as we need to Grafton for the Sign-on (finishes
at 7pm) but we drop an hour on the way and also have to put our bikes
together and eat.

Please pack as lightly as possible. You will not need a lot of extra of
clothes for the weekend and nothing will be formal (for those sharing a
room with me please pack pyjamas). It may be a good idea to pack some wet
weather gear. Forecast is inclusive at this stage however as we rise over
1000m it can be variable throughout the day.

It will be dark when we start so you should have some form of lights on
your bikes. There were police at last years start checking on this. You can
take the lights off at the first stop if you are worried about the extra
100 grams of weight.

It is every riders responsibility to organise their food and drink for the
day. Given the time we are leaving on Saturday you cannot rely on the motel
for breakfast. Take your own cereal or fruit. I will be buying several 2
lites bottles of water (and harming the environment) and premixing
powerade. The bus is not allowed to follow us (and we cannot slipstream the
bus) but there are ample stopping points where we will be able to access
the bus.  Please be advised there is very little in form of shops and
service stations between Grafton and Glen Innes and you should not rely
upon stopping to buy along the way. Remember your block-out!!

I would also suggest you take something more substantial to eat than energy
bars. Suggest a couple of bananas and muffins or jam scrolls etc etc. A bag
or two of lollies is also handy. Believe me you will be sick of the taste
of bars and gels by the end of the day.

So we can pay all costs please bring some cash with you. We have had some
withdrawals so the revised cost of the bus/trailer/petrol is estimated at
$75 per person. I have cancelled the extra accommodation and this has
actually reduced the average cost per person as I was able to let the
single rooms go. Cost to be finalised but will be less than $100 per person
(total). Martin is the Treasurer and be collecting the money. We will also
be buying Jarrod (our driver) a present and we will collect $10 of each

I believe the Bus has a CD player so you may like to bring along some CD's.
Rick - Please note I have been specifically asked to point out that this
does not apply to you. Apparently your record in this department is poor.

See you all on Friday.

Peter Egan
Chief Manager
Credit QLD
Credit Sanctioning
HBOS Australia
P: +61 07 3004 9710
F: +61 07 3229 8743
M: + 61 0417 934 148
E: peter.egan@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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