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 I will be in Florida over the weekend,but I will by tickets from my 
granddaughters Millie



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                [fsf60k] Students for 60000 Gourmet Dinner and Comedy Night


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Here's a quick reminder, in case you didn't know, that  Students for 60000
is having its annual (10th year I believe) Gourmet Dinner and Comedy Night
this  Friday night, March 16, 2012 at Northport HS.

Some details include:

6 pm - 8 pm dinner, mostly home made food, or entrees from area restaurants.

8 pm - 10 pm comedy, with professional comedians from The Gotham Club in
NYC, the city's largest comedy club, owned by Npt. HS alumnus Chris

Cost - $35 adults; $20 students.

Chris usually comes and helps emcee. I've gone most years and it is always a
good time. I hope you will come out and support this night. Proceeds of
course go to the club's projects for upcoming April Nica trip.

Hope to see you there.

Pete White


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