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***This is a message from a member of Friends of Students for 60,000***

 How sure this is a legit site. I am worried about the claim that = 100%
goesto the foundation. I would stick with bonified agencies like Part= ners
in Health Paul Farmers organization
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***This is a message from a member of Friends of Students for 60,000= ***

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Here's the attachment, the letter from Rev. Byrum's prin= cipal, Mr. Iovino.

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Subject: RE: The = tragedy in Haiti

Dear friends, I must be getting a bit tired fro= m being up most of the
Here is Mr. Iovino's letter as an attachme= nt!  I am so sorry, hope you

The Rev. Ca= non James E. Byrum

Managing Director, the iF Foundation

26-15= Ulmer Street

College Point, N.Y. 11354

Phone 718-554-2961
http://www.if= -foundation.org[2]


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Subject: The t= ragedy in Haiti

Dear friends,

As you all are = painfully aware, the people of Haiti have suffered an
enormous tragedy t= he scope of which is unimaginable.  Because the iF
Foundation has b= een working for three years in Haiti, we want to provide
opportunity = for those who feel so called to respond.  Many of you have
ask= ing me about our response.

I am attaching a letter from Tom = Iovino, founder of the iF Foundation
outlines one possible way for= you to help us help the Haitian people.  I
join Mr. Iovino in enco= uraging you to consider a gift.  Small or large,
every gift will he= lp alleviate some of the suffering.

One final thought. &nbsp= ;Because we are a small foundation, without any
100% of every = gift will be provided to people in need.  Many relief
have= to pay for their large overhead with your gift.  In addition  we= also
have an established on the ground network in Port au Prince, and t= hrough
that network we will be sure that your gift gets into the hands o= f the
people who need it.

Finally, for those of you who r= eally do want to help us help others, if
would not mind forwarding t= his email to people you feel would be
because they want to he= lp, this would greatly magnify the good we can

I will be in Haiti on Sunday to do what I am able to do.  Thanks for=


The Rev. Canon James E. By= rum

Managing Director, the iF Foundation

26-15 Ulmer Street
College Point, N.Y. 11354

Phone 718-554-2961

http://www.if-foundation.org= [3]

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