[fruityloops] Re: useing samples

  • From: "Andrew Ebling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 16:00:24 +0100

> hi i was just wondering how u make a sampled riff of a track the same bpm
> a drum loop u have made in fruity
> and i want to use sample cds but if i put a sample into fruity and use the
> piano roll function i cant strech it or shrink it, it just plays the
sample no
> matter how many beats i strech or shrink it

You have several options - use the Fruity Slicer to slice it up.  Done well,
this is probably the most effective option, but to get the most out of it,
you will need to buy the beatslicer add-on.

Another option is to use the "fit" function (green digits just above the
waveform display in sampler channel settings) to make it fit to the required
number of beats.  However, this will change the pitch of the sample.

Another option is to use the "fit" function in a Fruity Granulizer channel -
this will do the same thing as the sampler channel, but won't change the
pitch of the sample.

There was a comprehensive tutorial on using all three of these features in
issue 59 of Computer Music magazine (http://www.computermusic.co.uk).  You
may be able to order a back issue, depending on whether they have stocks
left or not.

hope that helps,


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