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  • Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:28:31 +0100

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> I don't know how much you guys know about this stuff ... I'm currently
using a SB Live with Fruity Loops (almost exclusively, though I have Sonar
ambitions) with soft synths of various kinds ... I've got the chance to pick
up a new soundcard for what I believe is an excellent price (Audiophile 2496
for $100.00 Cdn. , supposedly mint).

Do it!  That card gets rave reviews everywhere and I would very much like to
get my hands on one!

> Since I'm mostly using samples and softsynths, do you think there will be
a noticeable improvement in quality/fidelity? Or is the improvement mostly
in the In/Outs and convertors, which I don't use so much, at least for now?
Or will the jump to 24/96 make a big difference (or at least a $100.00

You probably won't notice an awful lot of difference in quality unless you
have very revealing monitoring system.


The latency you can get with the 2496 should be a lot lower than with the
Live! (due to better hardware design and better drivers), so that means that
there will be less delay if you trigger softsynths in real time from an
external MIDI keyboard.  This is really handy for coming up with ideas; I
find that a particular sound can inspire riffs/hooks and not being able to
play in softsynths in real time can be a real hindrance.

You will also be able to have the  buffer length (in Options->Wave Settings)
set lower, so fruity will be more responsive over-all.

Bare in mind that the 2496 has no on-board MIDI synth.  That isn't an issue
for me, but it might be for some people.  You _might_ be able to keep the
Live! in there as well (although I have heard of people having problems
getting both the Live! and the 2496 to play nice in the same system).

At that price, you can't afford to miss the opportunity unless there is
something wrong with the card.  It should come with a copy of Emagic Logic
Delta (a sort of cut down OEM version of Logic), which should be a welcome
addition to your line up of software.  I have consistently found Emagic
products to be of the best quality.  Although their user interfaces may seem
quirky at first, they are actually very well designed and implemented to
give the maximum screen real-estate for getting the job done.  I have always
thought that Cakewalk products throw away a lot of screen space with 101
buttons, most of which are rarely used.



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