[fruityloops] Shameless Self-Promotion

  • From: "Gwydion Elderwyn" <Gwydion@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:33:21 +1000

I tried to sell my story "EULA" to a few markets but it was knocked back,
mainly because it does not sit neatly within a particular genre.  However,
every rejection came with a note that the story was fundamentally good :)

Since the purpose of writing is to be read, I've therefore put it on an
online story site where you can read it for free.  If you do read it, please
use the rating section to leave me some feedback!

The URL is:  http://www.stories.com/authors/gwydi and the link to the story
is in the section marked "Recently Created / Modified".

So far this is only moderately cheeky self promotion.  The shameless bit
follows ...

If you like the story, please tell your friends about it as well.  It's nice
when friends and family tell you your work is good, but it's so much more
meaningful when you hear it from complete strangers!  (Plus of course,
strangers will tell you it's crap if that's what they think, but friends and
family tend to be shy about that sort of thing!)


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