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  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 01:00:19 -0700 (PDT)

MIDI doesn't have a sound, it just a protocol.  It
stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.  The
sound that is played back comes from a sampler or
synthesizer among other things...  So, the quality of
your sound is gonna be dependent on the quality of the
sounds in your sampler/synth.

To get good quality sound using FruityLoops you just
have to start with high quality samples.  Most of my
samples are lifted from hip-hop cds and never leave the
digital realm.  And there are tons of sample sites
online, you just gotta filter through a lot of bad
quality shit.

I only use MIDI within FruityLoops to contol my
synthesizer.  IMO FruityLoop still isn't good for that
though.  Better to use Cubase/Logic/Sonar if you're
really runnin a MIDI based studio.  
On Thu, 25 July 2002, "P. Diddy Records" wrote:

> Most music today is made using MIDI, right? And it
> sounds pretty damn good! But how can I get that same
> quality, authenticity and realness of sound when using
> MIDI on my PC with Fruityloops?
> I just don't like that cheap &amp; tacky sound MIDI
> produces on PC's. I want my instruments so sound like
> the real deal... Is this possible?
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