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  • From: AllenSpins@xxxxxxx
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 02:13:05 -0400

Never use it? hmmm. 

Please don't take this in an insulting matter, I assure you I am using these 
workds kindly. It seems to me that you don't understand the full spectrum of 
sound that the Sonic Maximizer can provide. Ever wonder things sound so much 
better live, than on speakers. Well, the fact is in a live show sounds are 
coming from different angles, traveling at more particular wave patterns. When 
playing on a speaker all that is heard is a sudden 'blurb' of sound at once. 

A SM basically seperates the mids, highs, lows... depending on what model you 
buy you can get more specific. It adds minor undetectable delays in each wave 
pattern seperating the sound and giving it the effect as if you were right 
there... listening live. 

I have never come across something so simple yet so noticably powerful. Use a 
sonic maximizer to master your song, and then bypass it to see how flat the 
song will get. I have never... you being the first of course... come across 
someone who has productively used the maximizer and put it aside with the other 

If you ever want to play songs outside of your studio, room, closet-- wherever 
you play -- then get it! I'm sure they have a demo or something to play with, 
but I assure you if you have high standards for professional sound quality 
you'll want it. There's no substitute. 

The hardware and sofware both use the same algorithm. Of course the hardware is 
a much more powerful tool in my opinion because first of all it's transferable 
to your mobile rack for your other gigs, secondly even though they have the 
same algorithm the hardware doesn't have patches in place of transformers, 
integrated circuits, etc, which provide the optimal sound BBE initially 
designed. Software is awesome of course... I've used and USE both.  

You can find a used early 300 model for less than a $100 on e-bay, but I say 
put your money down for a 800 model and really get the sound you want for about 
$300-400... or maybe less depending on how good you look around.

This, coupled with WAVES Maximizer... wheew... you'll be getting some clean 

Try it for yourself, I'm no salesman. I just know what makes the best sound. 
Good luck.

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