FRTM - FRTM Meeting Line-up for 4/26/2012

  • From: "Lori High" <Lhightop2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <frtm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 10:38:33 -0600


I am excited to be the Toastmaster for our next meeting!  I hope you will
join us for a FUN... light hearted, business meeting! 

Only ONE role needs a volunteer and only a few roles still need to be
confirmed, Please note who YOU are. and kindly reply! 


Meeting Title & Theme: MARS 2.jpg  If Men are from Mars..  Venus.jpg

                                          Join us as we EXPLORE:
Communication Styles!      ..Perhaps Bill will let us borrow the Rover for
the night!   :0)  


Toastmaster: Lori High    C

*Table Topics: Amelia Autrey  C

*General Evaluator:  Feliks Melamed  C


Speakers. Please confirm time requirements and any special needs for your

       Write & send your Introduction & Speech Title to the Toastmaster AND
your evaluator


Please note: if you have a role with the *symbol.  please review the role
description in your TM manual (if needed) or online at and
be prepared to introduce yourself and the objectives of the role.  


Speaker #1: Mark DeMay   C  

Speaker #2: Dirk Kittredge C

Speaker #3: Kathy Barrett  C

Speaker #4: Adam Vesely   C


Evaluator #1: Elizabeth Vidmar  C

Evaluator #2: David Hassler       C   

Evaluator #3: Ray Pezolt            C

Evaluator #4: Shannon Silva       P   


*Grammarian & Word of Day: <open>

*Timer & Joker: Earl Allen          C 

*Ah Counter: Bill Farrand           P

*Inspirator:   Anand Shukla        C

*Quizmaster:  Anand Shukla       C

*Riveting Review:  Cody Markham  C   .see below!

*Greeter: Pat Sanchez                P


Riveting Review:
Give a review of something:  A book, movie, restaurant, car repair service,
seasonal beer, night club, CD, vacation spot, gym, spa, dance instructor....

Anything you have used or experienced and can recommend.  Time: 1-2 minutes
(timer will time this role too!)


Mystery Handshaker:  will remain. a Mystery! 

Show, Play.Grow! 


Venus.jpg  Lori High    

Front Range Toastmasters #2668

Area Governor F4 District 26 

Cell: 303-913-5146

Email: Lhightop2@xxxxxxxxxxx


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