[Freelists News] February followup: details, at last

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  • Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 21:08:20 -0500

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For those of you who have joined the FreeLists family fairly recently, 
please take a moment to read this post: 

We originally said that further details would be available by the end of 
that month (2/2002), but things didn't quite pan out that way, and rather 
than make a "vaporware" news release, we decided to wait until plans were 
more finalized.  Here's the quick-n-dirty update, for the impatient:

- FreeLists has much larger costs than during its inception.  
- Costs are bad.
- Money is good; it helps cover costs.
- Covering costs is good.
- We're not jerks; there will be no bait-and-switch tactics from FreeLists.
- Our parent company will setup parallel ventures to make money.  Money 
helps cover costs.  Covered costs means FreeLists can continue to operate.
- FreeLists will remain free.

That last point is important.  (Read the article linked above.)  Despite 
the clarity of that newsletter, I received several emails back in February 
asking when FreeLists is going to start charging for its services.  If 
there's still any doubt in your mind on the issue, seek professional help; 
there's nothing more we can do for you.  FreeLists is, always has been, 
and always will be, free.

If you're still awake, here's the real point of this newsletter: We've been 
developing a commercial (that is, you have to pay for it) service for 
several months now and we believe it's finally ready.  We'd like to give 
FreeLists list owners and subscribers first crack at the new service as 
thanks for their loyalty and support.  (That means that not only do you 
get to be guinea pigs, but you get to be distinguished guinea pigs. :)) 
We'll only be accepting a limited number of accounts to keep support 
overhead to a minimum, so this is basically a first-come, first-serve 

Now that you're drooling uncontrollably, what exactly is this mystical 
service?  MailandFiles.com: For 5 bucks a month, you get access to 50MB of 
email and file storage, a you@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx email address, access to 
that email through web mail, POP3, and IMAP, plus access to your files 
both through the web mail client and FTP.  (Software like WebDrive(tm) and 
Windows 2000+'s "map a network drive" makes it easier on Windows users.)  
That's it: premium mail and file storage and access, one flat rate.

So here it is: http://www.mailandfiles.com/  Every account helps -- tell 
your subscribers if they're willing to hear it (don't SPAM them though), 
tell your mother, and tell your pet alien turtle.  We feel $5/month is 
pretty cheap, we've heard that the service should be in fairly high 
demand, and hey, we know email, right?

People are always asking us how they can help support us.  We've gotten 
offers of hardware, software, hosting, and we even accepted a couple of 
paypal donations awhile back.  Just in case you've been wondering too, 
this is how you can give a little back and still get something out of it 
at the same time.

Questions and comments, as always, are welcome.  


- FreeLists Staff

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