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  • From: Piotr Bański <bansp@xxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017 14:15:03 +0100

Hi Sebastian,

On 12/02/17 10:53, Sebastian Humenda wrote:

Hi all

Karl Bartel schrieb am 25.11.2017, 18:57 +0000:
- I'm unable to find some common words like "bed" or "house" right now,
although they are in the eng-deu dictionary
Andreas, have you been able to look into this?

Unfortunately, I cannot do much testing at the moment. I'm re-releasing *all*
dictionaries from our project so that they are fit for our new Aard online
client. On that way, I do discover many things to work on. :)

Heh, that takes me back to when I upgraded all (minus one or two auto-generated) dictionaries to P5 ;-) I'm happy that you have all the energy for that. Thanks!

- We should avoid editing auto-generated dictionaries in this way (and
preferably give a good explanation what else to do in case of a bad entry).
Is there anything I could do to ease this process? I remember that we want to
implement appInfo[^1]. I could expose this information in the API, if that would
help LCOD.

[^1]: https://github.com/freedict/fd-dictionaries/issues/9

Thing is that the current feature requests (read: FRs I/we have posted to the TEI Council in mid-July) are still not handled, and I'm hesitant to commit to work on appInfo, because apparently the three tickets in the works now seem a bit too much for the Council.

OTOH, ideas for what can/should go into appInfo are always welcome, and if they are posted here, I will repost them to the LingSIG list or put them into LingSIG tickets (with attribution, of course). Or even better, let them come into that ticket, and I will address the ticket across github, which will give freedict a fraction more visibility.

I would appreciate if people could keep testing the application or even commit
changes. AFAIK, we could get our new virtual server this month and then we could
deploy LCOD there for further testing.  I'm pretty interested in extending
lat-deu with this method.

I'll have around a week, after Dec 13th, to address overdue commitments. There's a heap of them, but I hope to at least give the app a try then.

BTW, I'm gonna be mentoring and give a talk at the Lexical Data Masteclass in Berlin, next week (https://lexmc.sciencesconf.org/), so I'll be sure to drop the project name there. I hope to generate at least a few new visits and who knows, maybe even recruit a few new project members.

Have a good weekend, all,


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