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Dear Freebyte newsletter subscriber, wishes you a very happy new year. We are very pleased to provide you an up-to-date overview of our latest Freebyte news, since our last newsletter (sent over a year ago).

1. All pages on have been fully updated with new content and a new layout.
The new site map can be found on

2. We have added many new pages to since the last newsletter:

Education online:
Electronics online:
Free online Radio:
Free online Television:
Spirituality and Religion online: Free System and Administrator utilities: Freebyte Gallery, Free images and backgrounds.

3. The entire programming section has been renewed and many new pages are added.

Free programming home page:
Free Assembler programming,
Free Basic programming,
Free C++ programming,
Free Cobol programming,
Free Cross-platform programming,
Free Databases,
Free Delphi programming,
Free Helpfile authoring,
Free Java programming,
Various free programming languages, Miscellaneous free programming tools,
Free Pascal programming,
Free Unicode tools and libraries,
Free Webmaster programming,

4. All TreePad editions have been updated since our last newsletter. For more information, please see the TreePad news page on:

5. Free eBooks:

5.a 2006 FIFA World Cup eBook: 250++ pages on the 2006 FIFA World Cup and international soccer. This eBook is a cross-referenced and illustrated database carrying tons of information and statistics: matches, stadiums, time tables, groups, results, scorers, referees, team roosters, uniforms, players, team managers, FIFA & IFFHS rankings, memorable details, records, trivia, quotes, curiosities, puzzles, related poetry, maps, flags, anthems, cultural information, media clips, and yet more.

  5.b Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" illustrated eBook.
Jules Verne (French author, 1828-1905) was one of Science Fiction's founding fathers. Among Verne's 65 novels, his fascinating stories uncannily anticipated the submarine, space travel, and some other major scientific conquests of the 20th Century--this ability to cast a prophetic look at the future earning him the reputation of a visionary. Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" has been in nearly continuous print for more than a century, along with three other of his novels. The novel version currently available is in Dutch--an English version will follow shortly.

  5.c Soon also on-line:
TreePad-EXE eBook versions (i.e., stand-alone editions, ready for plug-n-play) of a number of eBooks previously available in '.hjt' format. Additionally, links for free downloads of their respective AudioBooks' versions (when available) will be provided along. Check at or, or at, shortly after this first week of the year.

6. Free Soccer (Football) icon libraries (one in '.ico' format, the other in '.tpz' format, ready for plug-n-play in TreePad Plus, Safe, Biz, or Enterprise). These libraries comprise around 1000 soccer icons of all sorts (balls, boots. goals, pitches, referees, club badges, flags, etc.) as well as World Cup related icons.

7. Disktective, a freeware disk space reporting tool for Windows, has been updated to version 5.0.1
New features in version 5.0.1:
Disktective has its own Web-domain now.
You can find the new Disktective home page on:

8. Harddisk Search and Stats also has its own Web-domain now. You can find the new Harddisk Search and Stats home page on:

You are very welcome to visit every now and then, please remember, for the site is constantly updated. The fact that we avoid crowding your mailbox with newsletters by no means mirrors the high frequency of updates at

To the above summary of Freebyte's main updates over the past year or so, we once more add our best wishes for a very joyful, productive, and fulfilling 2007.

the Freebyte Team

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