[foxboro] Foxboro/Invensys pulls another good one.

  • From: "Neil Martin" <neil_martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:02:25 -0500

Many of you may know this already, but I just found out something
ridiculous about Foxview/FoxDraw for Unix and V6.4 software.
FoxView/FoxDraw V8 is the only version of FoxView/FoxDraw that has been
tested with V6.4 I/A software.  But, starting with Version 8,
FoxView/FoxDraw for the I/A system is no longer free - you will need a
license for each DM and Remote DM you are going to be able to run.  List
cost is something like $6000 for 10 licenses and $11,700 for 20 licenses.

If you are unhappy with this, be sure to express it.  Foxboro could have at
least said that FoxView/FoxDraw V99.2.1 is fully supported for use with
V6.4 I/A software.  I for one am not going to pay for FV/FD V8, either
V99.2.1 will work "good enough" or we will have to stay at V6.3 software
(or use Display Manger).

Neil Martin
Huntsman Corporation
7114 North Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX.  78752
ph) 512-483-0119

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