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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 11:31:56 +0530

Lets have a page with all such personally known and found "great"
resources! Mail in the details ASAP. Remember, you have to use them,
find that they are really great and then refer them.

On 1/21/07, sheshu <krsheshu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hey thats a great one :-)

On 1/21/07, Binulal Narayanan <binulal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi:
>     I donot know If you have already seen these tutorials. They are the
best stuff for beginners.
> http://users.actcom.co.il/~choo/lupg/tutorials/index.html
> [quote]
> The following set of tutorials reflects an effort to give Unix programmers
and programmers wanna-be a chance to get familiar with various aspects of
programming on Unix-like systems, without the need to buy an expensive set
of books and spending a lot of time in understanding lots of technical
material. The one assumption common to all tutorials (unless stated
otherwise) is that you already know C programming on any system.
> The general intention is to allow someone to get familiar with a subject
rather quickly, so they can start experimenting with it, and allow them to
read a more thorough user manual or reference manual after they got over the
initial "fear". By no means will these tutorials suffice to turn anyone into
a proficient professional, but one needs to start somewhere and then again,
why not do it for free?
> Tutorials Index (note - each tutorial may be browsed online, or downloaded
as a .tar.gz archive). Size of each tutorial is given in ammount of
screen-pages when viewed using the lynx text-based web browser (assuming 25
lines per page):
> Unix Beginners
> Compiling C/C++ Programs On Unix   ( archive ) (~15 lynx pages)
> Debugging With "gdb"   ( archive ) (~11 lynx pages)
> Automating Program Compilation Using Makefiles   ( archive) (~13 lynx
> Manipulating Files And Directories In Unix   ( archive) (~50 lynx pages)
> Intermediate Level
> Creating And Using C Libraries   ( archive ) (~18 lynx pages)
> Unix Signals Programming   ( archive ) (~29 lynx pages)
> Internetworking With Unix Sockets   ( archive) (~21 + ~44 lynx pages)
> Accessing User Information On A Unix System   ( archive) (~38 lynx pages)
> Graphics Programming
> Basic Graphics Programming With The Xlib Library   ( archive) (~59 + ~44
lynx pages)
> Advanced Topics
> Unix And C/C++ Runtime Memory Management For Programmers   ( archive) (~69
lynx pages)
> Parallel Programming - Basic Theory For The Unwary   ( archive) (~29 lynx
> Multi-Threaded Programming With The Pthreads Library   ( archive) (~60
lynx pages)
> Multi-Process Programming Under Unix   ( archive) (~80 lynx pages)
> [/quote]
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Cheers :-)
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