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(This is a copy of a blog entry be me. For reading the my blog, please visit

So, if you think Apple is nasty in it's DRM implementation on iTunes, here
come the Desi Apple - YashRaj Films.

After reading a post in ThinkDigit
I visited DRM 
in Yashraj
Films <http://www.yashrajfilms.com/> website. Here are some interesting

*1. What is DRM?*
Digital Rights management (DRM) is a set of technologies that enables you to
own copyrighted material in a digital format, and use them based on the
rights given to you.

*3. What computer should I use to download my music?*
You should download your music to the *ONE computer* where you keep your
digital music. The music can only be played from the computer through which
the license purchase is done, which will provide unlimited playback of the
track on this computer.

*5. What is the format of downloaded files?*
All tracks are downloaded in Microsoft Windows Media 9 (wma) format. These
files are protected by the Microsoft Windows DRM software.

*6. What can I do with the downloaded music files?*
By purchasing music from Yash Raj Films, you can play the files on the
computer where you purchased the license from. The license purchased will
provide unlimited playback of a song only on the computer used to purchase
the license.You can only play the downloaded music files on Windows Media
Player 9.0 and above Windows Media
You can also make upto a maximum of 2 Audio CDs for the downloaded media

*11. Can I transfer a downloaded song track to an external music device or
another computer?*
No, currently you cannot transfer a downloaded song. The license purchased
will provide unlimited playback of a song only on the computer used to
purchase the license. Licenses will not be transferable to any other
computer or other portable music devices. However you can create upto 2
Audio CDs which can be played on any compatible Audio device.

*12. Why is my downloaded music not playing?*
You need Microsoft Windows Media player 9 or above to listen to music or
burn it to a CD.

*14. Why am I getting a "License Error" or "License Must Be Purchased"
It seems like a license was not issued for the file. This can happen due to
using a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is required
and the only supported browser for license downloads or because of a network
issue while license delivery was taking place.

*15. Can I copy my downloaded song / file on to another computer?*
The music can only be played from the computer through which the purchase is
done and the license delivered to. However, you can copy the file to another
computer, but you need to buy a new license to play this track. On playback,
the Windows Media Player will request for a license. You need to purchase a
new license for this new machine.

*16. Can I download music on my MAC?*
Not at the moment.

Complete FAQ on DRM at Yashraj Website

No other browser than Internet Explorer can be used, No other Media player
than Windows Media Player can be used, No other Operating System than
Windows can be used to download or play these files.

These downloaded music will be licensed to play only on a computer. You
cannot copy this to your portable device or another computer, you need a new
license for that. If you're a GNU or any other non-Windows user,


If you think this is even nastier, please stop buying DRM implemented music
or movies. If you don't know what DRM is and what it means to you, or if you
want to know more and be part of Anti-DRM campaigns, please do visit the
following sites.

Join the DRM Elimination Crew <http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Anti-DRM-Campaign>
Defective by Design <http://www.defectivebydesign.org/>
<http://www.drm.info/>BadVista Campaign <http://badvista.fsf.org/>
EFF's Frequently Awkward Questions <http://www.eff.org/IP/faq/>
Stop DRM Now <http://stopdrmnow.org/>
Digital Freedom <http://www.digitalfreedom.org/>
GPLv3 <http://gplv3.fsf.org/>
Freeme.in <http://www.freeme.in>
Riyaz Usman
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