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PCB Fixturing Solutions brought to you by SP Precision

May 23, 2002

Don't know which way to turn?

Wow, it has been a little too long since the last issue. Sorry for the
delay. It is definitely time to pass on a little more information, so let's
get to it. We know that running the PCB at an angle through wave solder can
reduce a lot of potential problems such as bridging, shadowing, etc. But how
do you determine the optimal angle of presentation? Here is a solution that
you can use over and over again. The type of fixture shown in this photo is
designed to rotate the PCB in 5 degree increments, allowing you to find the
correct angle before ordering dedicated tooling. It is a two-piece system,
consisting of the fixture base, and a mating center piece. Keep a base
around, and just order a center piece when needed. When you receive the
center piece, drop it into the base and run it at various angles until you
find the one that works best. This takes all the guesswork out of ordering
these kinds of fixtures, and can serve to keep your prototype costs down
because you can use the same base for many different PCB's. Notice how the
fixture in the photo is complete with overarm bars to provide topside
component support also! Hope you like this idea, it's a good trick to have
in your bag. Until next time, happy assembly!

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