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  • Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 22:58:30 -0500

20 new fics were added today!

Small Lives Awake by Jesemie's Evil Twin
The Sound of Windchimes by Sarah Stegall
The Spell Series by Kelli Rocherolle
Strangers and the Strange Dead by Kipler
A Thin Veneer by Analise
Tangible by Blueswirl and Meredith
Promises to Keep by Prufrock's Love
The Wasteland: A Moment's Surrender by Pru
Damascus I & II by Katvictory
Your Soul In My Heart by Katvictory
Captive Fox by Bluebonnet
Katherine of Ireland by Jenna Tooms
Quis Si by Trixie
The Way I Saw It by Jamie Lyn
Seisdeadh by IndigoMuse
Speechless / Perfect by Anjou
Locusts by syn
Wing and Prayer by Revely
Iolokus by MustangSally and Rivka T
The Last Apostle by Shaun Reich

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