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When I run the adfind, a dos window flashes on my Windows XP and goes
away.  Do I need to run it on the server?  How do I use dsduery




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I like the adfind utility from www.joeware.net. It works on Windows 2000
and up.


Adfind -default -f name=<groupname> member


You can also use dsquery with dsget on Windows 2003 and up:


Dsquery group domainroot -name <groupname> | dsget group -members


Using adfind is less typing and I find the syntax easier to remember.




Michael B. Smith




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How do I print a list of users in a group which I created?  Group scope
is Global, Group type is security.  All I want is their e-mail addresses
so I can send it to someone.  I do not want to type the entire group.  I
can settle for cut and paste if possible.




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