should we link offices ?

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 18:39:42 -0700

Hi All 

I'm a newbie contractor - mainly worked in larger places with Novell/unix
and very new to exchange. Got a small on-the-sideclient who I've setup AV,
imaging and backups for. They've got exchange2k running on their AD DC
internally. The head office is in another country and at the moment they
pop their mail from there.

They want to set up an smtp link and use their own exchange server. The
head office has a fulltime admin who's pretty good. My question is:

since the better backup gear, servers and fulltime IT guy is there are
there any advantages to doing it this way. As much as I want to play with
exchange I want to do the best thing for the client. The only advantage
that I can see is that the mail would be on their server and so backed up
rather than in PSTs on their laptops.

They have dsl and the usual dns setup.

Apologies for the dumb Q but everyone's got to start somewhere :)

There are 6 users at the branch office all with laptops who pop their mail
from the head office.  They're all on office 2000.  I'm wondering
if I just use the outlook personal folders backup prog to drop their PST's
onto the local server so they'll be backed up and leave it at that?

They're also looking at shared calendaring later down the track.

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