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  • From: "Mulnick, Al" <Al.Mulnick@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 15:10:56 -0400

Can't think why it wouldn't be possible.  But it is most likely a client
side application.  Unless you expand the goal to be time received to time
I would guess that you could use a client-side collection mechanism that
looks at the MAPI properties to include the open time and if MAPI stores it,
the reply time (realistically, reply is something that to the system is a
new message.  The MUA just handles it differently depending on the client
type and often prepends the RE: portion we're accustomed to seeing).
Otherwise, you're stuck with something that pops up on a message event and
counts the time till send.
One other idea that comes to mind would be to use an event synch.  You could
use a client side app that tags the message in the headers, and an event
synch that reads that line and computes the time difference.  To be
effective, it would have to be on every server with mailboxes you wanted to
Just some random thoughts.  Hopefully more helpful than distracting :-)
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From: David Liles [mailto:dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] response clock
We would like to know how feasible it is to configure some sort of clock
that begins counting time when an email is opened for reply.
This would be used for billing purposes so we can track how much time is
spent replying to client emails.
Does anyone know if something like this is possible?
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