RE: exchange 2000 behind cisco PIX firewall 506e

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It depends on whether you're using access-lists or static conduits.
Access-lists tend to be more secure and are the recommended method from
Cisco is you're running new PIX software versions on your unit.  Since
the unit is the new "E" model you're fine.  You need to know what ports
you want open to your box.  If you want just incoming mail to that box,
you'd have something like this:


static (inside,outside) <outsideIP>  <insideIP> netmask
0 0

access-group 100 in interface outside

access-list 100 permit tcp any host <outsideIP> eq smtp


This would be the most basic form.  Since I don't know you're
configuration I don't know what you already have set up.  You should run
either access-lists or conduits, but not both.  In my sample, you would
replace <outsideIP> w/ the public ip address assigned to your mail
server and replace <insideIP> w/ the internal LAN ip address of the
server.  If you're not familiar w/ the PIX, Cisco's website offers
oodles of references.  You need to have a SmartNET contract on that unit
in order to get unrestricted access to everything




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I have two server DC & Exchange 2000 server, i have new cisco PIX
firewall 506E.

How to configure PIC so that exchange 2000 can secure with port that



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