email kick back from specific domains only. DNS problem?

  • From: jpfitzner@xxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:59:44 -0600

First off let me give some background. I am running a single exchange
server (exchange 5.5 sp3) on NT 4 sp6a. I believe the problem started when
I changed my DNS, it was ? and my exchange server name is
?something_mail?. The DNS change I made was that the reverse DNS reflect
my mail server?s name ? instead of
? I did this because email were getting rejected from a
company?s domain, the reason being, when their server checked my reverse
DNS it didn?t reflect the correct server name in the header so the
messages were being rejected. For the first week everything seemed to be
working fine, so I thought. Then, I started getting complaints that a
select few people from certain domains couldn?t email us. It looks like 2
or 3 domains receive kickback when trying to email us; I receive all other
incoming emails. Here is the header/error info I have received:

-----The following addresses had permanent fatal errors----

----Transcript of session follows----
550 5.1.2 user@xxxxxxxxxx ? host unknown (name server: host not found)

this is what my DNS table looks like:             in      mx 10   something_mail
something_mail          in      A (exchange ip address)              in      A (website ip address)
www                     in      A (website ip address)

Reverse record (exchange ip address)   in      PTR

From the research I have done it seems the ?_? in my exchange server name
is causing problems. (I think)  My question is can I change my exchange
name in my outgoing email headers with out reinstalling exchange. Any
suggestions or work around would be greatly appreciated. Please give
step-by-step instructions or tell me where to get the needed info.
Thanks in advance

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