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We had to do this at a previous company and it can be a bit nasty.  A tool that 
helped us a lot, called U-Promote, by UTOOLS allows you to demote PDC and BDC's 
to member servers, so you can change the domain name without reinstalling the 
O/S...   member servers are easy to change the domain name on.  It was a wise 
I am assuming that the O/S is NT.
We promoted a member server to PDC, and demoted the PDC to a member server so 
it's domain name could change and be brought up again.  Since it was the only 
server on the domain, it became the PDC.  We then repeated the steps with the 
BDC.  The member servers  came over easily.
Exchange Server cannot be demoted and there are many places to make changes -- 
there are Q articles on this. However in retrospect it would have been better 
and saved us a lot of time if we had just exported all the users mailboxes to 
pst's, reinstalled the Exchange on the new domain and imported the pst files 
into the new email boxes.
Create a check list of your steps so you can back track... it was very helpful 
when I did it.
Then you have the workstation domain properties to change.  Win 2k is easy, but 
Win 98 machines are more difficult... we had to remove all Win 98 machine names 
from the server and add to the domain

Good Luck !!

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Hi all
Our company is planning to change its name. We will be changing our domain  
name also. I have a exchange 5.5 with 60 users.
1 Should i reinstall a new exchange server with newcompany name or can i use 
existing old server and rename it
2 How to move users from old to new. that is users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to 
3 Is there any thing that i have to do at ISP level.
Can any one help me with this, any procudure or any write up is available on 
the net, would be of great help to me
thanks in advance.
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