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This is a very common well known "feature" in Outlook. The problem with
disappearing meetings can happen due to various reasons. The most common
scenarios are as follows,

Corrupted Free/Busy information: To resolve this issue, go to Start -
Run - "outlook /cleanfreebusy" (without " "). 90% of the missing
calendar entries are recovered with this method.

Calendar caching file: By default Outlook uses an OST file in every
client workstation to cache the server calendar folder. So when a user
creates a new meeting, the meeting is written to the local OST file
first and then replicated to the server Calendar folder after. In some
cases the OST file gets corrupt, and no longer synchronizes with the
server. To resolve this issue, you can either a) Search and delete all
OST files in your client PC. OR b) Disable the calendar caching feature.
For Outlook 98 the registry entry for disabling the calendar caching is


I would try the outlook /cleanfreebusy first, before trying the second
option. In some cases simply closing and opening  Outlook brings the
meetings back in the calendar. In the second option, be clear that you
cannot recover the lost meetings. However, you can prevent this from
happening in future.



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First of all, I'll give you my configuration:

- Exchange 2000 Server on a distant network
- Outlook 2000 clients using an offline configuration.

Now my wierd problem:

I have a user here who scheduled meetings for his team.  He invited
attendees to his meeting (no problem with this).  A few days later, he
tried to modify his meeting, but it wasn't in his calandar anymore, but
it was still in his attendees calandars (showing my user as the one who
sent this meeting request).

Does anybody has an idea about what caused this meeting to disappear?

Is it possible that a glitch when my user synchronized his mailbox with
the server appended and "deleted" his meeting? Is there a way to get it
back (without recreating it because other users will get a lot of

Thanks again for your help! ____________________________________ 
Albert Charron 
Trisotech Inc.

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