RE: blocking emails with attachments by extension

  • From: "Kenny Mann" <Kennymann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:28:29 -0600

Assuming you follow the directions, you should be ok. As far as the
exact product, I'm sure you will find Norton lovers, Norton haters,
McAffe lovers, and McAffe haters.
I use Symantec Corportate Edition with Exchange snap-in. I've been told
that the McAffe works just as good. I think that dillema is more like a
Ford vs. Chevy thing for cars. Advocates for both sides.
As far as the price, indeed it is expensive. I think ours ran $37 per
seat (That sound about right?) which isn't too bad, consider going to
Wal-Mart and paying $39.99 per license, that would be one hell of a cart
for 100 users ;-)
$37 bucks adds up quickly, especially if you have allot of people. I'm
very glad my boss bought it, and I was very surprised because previously
we only had two copies for ~50 employees, they would just deal with the
pain. Had he not, I can almost assure you that our network would have
been hurt badly with the recentl email virii. When I did the first
corporate scan, we found about ~150 files infected by virii just hiding
and waiting for someone to open them / run them, we lost 30-50 files
because of this.

Hope this helps, I suggest calling a couple suppliers and ask them your
questions, take some notes. Compare. Let them know that they are
fighting X amount of other companies and you are gathering information
about which is is better, cheater, and most efficient (wait, doesn't
that fall under the better category?).

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>> I think that most Exchange add-ons for Antivirus (IE: McAffe and 
>> Norton) come with something like that. I did that on our 
>server for a 
>> couple virii floating around, it's a god send. Keep in mind that you 
>> must have the add-on to scan the emails, normal AV will not 
>scan them.
>That presents another question:  what AV software is 
>recommended?  Many vendors out there tout AV products for 
>"Exchange" but they are either exorbitantly priced.  Also I am 
>told that AV products can damage the mailbox store if you are 
>not careful, so exactly which products are recommended?  For 
>example, I would appreciate the exact product, not just the 
>vendor "Norton" or "McAffee" as they each make dozens of products.
>best regards
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