RE: XP Windows Firewall exception rules?

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For testing, I would disable WFW, and if that fixes it, then you will
need to open some ports to make it work with WFW enabled.





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I have a user running Outlook 2003 Pro trying to connect to Exchange
2003 over the internet using RPC/HTTP.  He is also running Windows
Firewall (the one that comes with XP SP2).  He is unable to connect, it
times out on him when he starts up Outlook.  He is able to connect from
a workstation that is not running the WFW.  No other users are having
any issues with RPC/HTTP over the internet.  OWA is also OK for him and
everyone else. 


Any idea what kind of exception rule(s) need to be programmed into his
XP Windows FW so he can access the Exchange 2003 server over RPC/HTTP?




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