What wrong with my e-mail server?

  • From: "sunchai rungruengchoosakul" <sunchai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 01:46:51 -0600

   My company using MS Exchange 2000 SP2 and set relay on it. Relay to set
in my server connect only with my client. And I have some problem with my

   My server can send it to some domain such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com or
big site of e-mail server. But in some domain can't send it. Then I try to
send thought with other ISP, it can sended. Why??

   Example: I using in aaa.com , and I send e-mail thought my e-mail
server in account admin@xxxxxxx to hotmail.com, thaimail.com. It can send
to hotmail.com but can't send to thaimail.com. I and try to send over new
e-mail address (recieve from ISP EX: 123.com) it can send both hotmail.com
and thaimail.com

   Remark: My server set time out on it in 30+180+30+180+30 minute trail.
And I read it from Message Tracking Center in problem mail. It summit in
advance queue and can't send it. Return mail report that SMTP error to
connect between e-mail server.

Thank you

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