[ExchangeList] Re: Various Exchange services won't start automatically

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Item 1 is a known issue. It's due to a dependency change. It wouldn't
surprise me to see that fixed soon (where "soon" is the next rollup or two).


I don't know anything about forefront, but I can tell you right now that I
wouldn't install a production Exchange 2007 server with less than 4 GB of
RAM and if it's hosting multiple roles, I would look at least at 8 GB. You
say "small domain", which is fine, I actually run my home domain on a 2 GB
RAM machine - but I've only got 8 mailboxes and I run a/v on my Edge server!
I guess what I'm telling you is that 2 GB isn't enough.




Michael B. Smith




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Dear all,


I've a small domain with 2 Windows 2003 servers. MS Exchange runs on Server
1 - 64 bit OS. Forefront is enabled to scan incoming e-mail.


I have 2 problems:


1.       Many of the exchange server services and the Forefront services
won't start automatically and I have to start them manually when I re-boot
the server. The symptoms are described very closely in
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/951402 but the cause can't be the same as
this is a clean installation of Exchange Server 2007 on a 2003 server.

Perhaps the key is that I can't start the FSEIMC service on which other
Exchange services depend. However, my exchange e-mail works well internally
and externally, in and out, once I have started all the services I can!


2.       The memory usage is usually about 4GB (I only have 2GB RAM
installed) and a big part of this is due to the 4 instances of
FSCRealTimeScanner.exe and the 4 instances of FSCTransportScanner.exe that
constantly run - each takes about 140MB.


I rely on consultants to build and configure my servers and the question is
do I need to call them in to fix these issues or am I overlooking something
more obvious? All help and guidance gratefully received!


Yours sincerely


David Stevens

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