RE: Upgrading an Exchange 2000 Cluster to Exchange 2003

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It's been a while, but I believe the scenario you suggest is in the
readme/docs for upgrading clusters.  The rolling upgrade method is one of
the reasons you'd want a cluster in the first place, right?  The only
downside is that you don't get the ability to rigorously test the cluster as
a whole prior to user traffic to ensure you have all the bits in the right

Moving them to another server first gets around the burn-in issue, but it's
a real pain for you since you'd have to leave the cluster (at least one node
anyway) up as long as it takes for the users to update profiles.  

I'd strongly opt for the first method if possible.  If not, rather than move
the users to another server while I rebuilt the entire cluster, I'd opt for
evicting one node, taking it and the other server I was otherwise going to
use and building the new cluster etc.  Only move the users once if possible.

My $0.02 anyway.

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I am in the process of upgrading an Exchange 2000 cluster to Exchange 2003.
I have a couple of questions/ideas.

Is it possible to evict one of my cluster nodes and then do a clean install
of Windows 2003 and then re-add the new Windows 2003 node back to the
cluster, and at that point install and configure Exchange 2003 to on the new
node and then proceed with a rolling upgrade of the Exchange Virtual servers
by moving them to this new node.

I realize I could simply upgrade to Exchange 2003 with out the eviction and
re-install of Windows 2003 but I would prefer a clean OS install rather than
an upgrade after the Exchange 2003 upgrade.

I ask because during the upgrade of my Front-End servers I ran into some
problems which ultimately required a full re-install.

As a rule a prefer clean installs to upgrades except when absolutely

The other option I am considering is moving all of my user mailboxes to
another server re-building the cluster from scratch and then moving the
mailboxes back. This also has advantages.

Opinions appreciated.



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