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How to get alternate SMTP addresses available through the Accounts button:

1. Enable the client PCs to relay mail through your Exchange server.

2. Add a new POP/SMTP mail account in Outlook, specifying the alternate SMTP
address.  Give the name or IP address of the Exchange server for Outgoing
and Incoming mail server.  You can put anything you want for username and
password - these won't be used but must be filled in.  Click "More Settings"
and type the alternate SMTP address for the name of the mail account.  Save
the account settings.

3. Go to Tools / Options / Mail Setup / Send-Receive.  For this POP/SMTP
account, UN-check "receive mail". 

Now users can click on the Accounts toolbar button and choose any of the
POP/SMTP accounts you've setup for sending the message.


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Maybe I've missed this, but can't seem to track down an answer...

Have Exchange 2003 SP2.

User has several email addresses from different domains that the company
receives email for...

Is there anyway of a user sending an email with another address?

Jane Smith as email addresses of jane@xxxxxxxxxxx and jane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Company.com is the default email address.
Is there a way for the user to have the email sent from jane@xxxxxxxxxxxx
when desired? Don't see an "Account" drop down box either when only one
Exchange account.

Thanks much.

Lee Swanson
Plains of SD

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