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  • From: "Jeff Adzima" <jeff.adzima@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 10:29:53 -0700

-------------------------------------------------------Hi -

I'm currently having problems in two areas that I'd like to get some
help/suggesions with:

I have a user (the CEO) setup with 3 separate email accounts in order
that she retain different identities to different people. I have the
main (most private) email setup to open when she opens Outlook. I have
the other two setup to where she has 'Send On Behalf' priveleges which
allows her to open up the other two mailboxes inside her main one and
send and recieve email.

Problem one: Only one of the 'Send On Behalf' email accounts works as
intended. The other one gives an access violation error when
attempting to open the account. I've set the two up exactly the same
way. i've also deleted the problem one and re-created it and still
have the same issues. Do I have limitations on the number of 'Send on
Behalf's' that I can have with one account? Anything else I may have

Problem two: When the receiver opens the 'Send on Behalf' of email,
the From field does show the alternate email address; however if the
recipient checks the properties it will show the private email
address. Is there any way to keep the private email private when
'sending on behalf' of?


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