RE: SMTP Mail Relay using IIS V6.0

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Hi John,
I agree with you 100% here. Its not rocket science to confiugre the
correct reverse lookup entries, but not everyone has the time to become
a DNS pro. In that case, I'd use a service like
to help out.

Thomas W Shinder 
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        OK, I understand.


        Is the machine name by chance nc10s069? 


        I THINK you can change the FQDN in the SMTP Virtual server
properties under Delivery | Advanced.


        However, I am a very stout believer that any server dealing with
e-mail or any publicly available services, such as Web sites and so
forth, should be configured with a full complete FQDN such as I see so many people have problems with notices or
headers or DNS or such when they do not have the server name properly
configured, although technically allowed. It is like sending a letter,
and on the envelope putting the Name and City and State. Chances are, it
might get there.


        That is also way gateway e-mail filtering products should not be
sending notifications out unless they are user aware.


        John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA


        eServices For You



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