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I had the same problem. Did you ever restart your DC. Most probably you
RUS service has started acting funny. If you restart your System
Attendant service, you should be just fine, try that. But remember
System attendant will also take down the IS when you restart.


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There are two default policies one called Default recipient policy and
the other called after the site name of the exchange 5.5 site that we
joined when installing the e2k server.

The exchange 5.5 site recipient policy is set to the highest priority
(we can't change this).

I have created a user account in the w2k domain with a value of
"companyA" in the company field of AD users and computers for this

I created a recipient policy called companyA and set the filter to look
for all users and groups with the company name set to "companyA" and the
email address is I have set this to be the primary

When I hit FIND in the recipient policy the account is found! However
the email email address is never set on the account, instead the default
email address from the exchange 5.5 site is set.

I have checked the filter on this policy and it is set to apply to

If I am correct, when a recipient policy is found that matches an object
no further matches are attempted. Based on this the behaviour is not
surprising but I must be missing something as this can not be correct?

Any help would be appreciated.


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