[ExchangeList] Re: RPC Over Https conf Problem....

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Hello Ravi,
From my understanding RPC\HTPP does not work for users on BE1? Can you first 
describe what you have done\configured. Can you confirm that you followed the 
instructions on this link, 
How to Deploy RPC over HTTP for the First Time on Exchange Server 2003 SP1 
(Front-End/Back-End Scenario)
Verify that your FE can communicate to your BE servers on ports 6001, 6002, and 

You can also take a look at a sample build of deploying RPC over HTTP in a 
FE\BE scenario here.


Sample Server Build for OWA with RPC over HTTP.rtf


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I am facing a weird problem here is some required information.

Frontend - Backend Structure.
Exchange with SP2 on Win2k3 SP1 on all Servers.
FE1 and BE1 is on a different site,
BE2 is on my Site.
Configured RPC Over Https on Frontend Server. OWA (SSL) is working fine.

Now here is the situation:-
I have configured my client for RPC over Https. When client machine
tries to establish connection with my Exchange Server it prompts me
for User Name and Password.

When i am providing my credentials it is not accepting and keeps me
prompting for same.

Also while doing this when i use Ctrl + Right click on Outlook icon on
rightside of taskbar and then selecting connection it never shows me
established. It remains on Connecting and tries to connect my BE2
server where my mailbox resides.

What could be the possible reason for this? If any other information
is required please let me know.
Ravi Dogra
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