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Bad disks, controllers or cables, unclean shutdown of the exchange box, power 
outage, power failures that don't cause machine shutdown but DO make weird 
things with the disks...

Get an IBM/HP server with disk redundancy (exchange implementation guides will 
help you choose which is best for you) and a managed APC UPS. I never got a 
corrupted byte in here with this combination ;)

You can't, AFAIK, corrupt one single mailbox at will.

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HI Tiago,

Cake was really gud ;) but here the main question was that if we need to 
corrupt single mail or mail box then how can we do.. 

Though it seems that its not possible then can any body tell that what are the 
kind of real world scenarios in which EDB file is on risk and can get 
corrupted.. might be this help in our testing.


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Sure. Follow the steps:

Go to your favorite cooking site, select a recipe and copy it using CTRL+C

Shutdown exchange in the services administrative tool, open notepad, open your 
priv1.edb file.

Paste the recipe on the beginning of the file using CTRL+V

Save it and try to start exchange services. If they work, I'll buy you a beer!

About the second question: no, all mails from all users will be permanently 
corrupted. You can't mess with the database and corrupt a single mail from a 

I can also lend you some disks that were on my Compaq ProSignia 300 that are 
very bad indeed ;)


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