Publishing OWA problem.

  • From: "Arif, Aboo M" <Aboo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 12:13:29 +0530

I am facing problem while publishing OWA. I have 3 homed ISA .  My ISA server  
is 3 Homed. My internal exchange server published and working fine. For that I 
configured Additional Public IP in External Interface of the ISA server.
I am trying to publish OWA now.  I have created   destination set for And created web publishing rule to redirect  destination 
set request to internal mail server. And configured  incoming web requests  
individually per IP addresses. But still not working.
I have a DNS server in DMZ. In DNS server there is an an entry for which points to the public IP of the Mail server.
For publishing an  internal  web server using web publishing rules is it not 
neccessory to put an entry in DNS server (which is in DMZ)?
Whithout a dns entry whether the request from outside(  
will route to internal server only with web publishing server?
All our other web servers are in DMZ which needs DNS.
Any one can help me on this.?
Aboo Arif

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