Problem migrating users to new server

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  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:14:29 -0800

I am in the midst of a project bringing up a new Exchange 2000 server fully
patched on Windows 2000 server fully patched.

Created 4 test users.

1 2 and 3 created on existing exchange ( and 4 was
created on exchange1 (

exchange and exchange1 are the actual server names, only the domain name

Tester1 moved to exchange1

Tester1 can communicate fine with Tester4.
Tester2 can communicate fine with Tester3.
Tester1 can not communicate with Tester 2 or 3.
Tester4 can not communicate with Tester 2 or 3.

In message tracking, on the messages that do not make it to the intended
recipient, some show sent to the gateway server, others show sent to the
categorizer and then that is it.

There are 2 recipient policies in place besides default. The policies were
to add an additional SMTP address for use with a gateway scanning server.
One policy also added and additional SMTP address for one office where they
want to have their full first and last name as part of the e-mail address.
For now, I have deleted both of those policies leaving the default which has
not been altered.

I am seeing constant error messages in the log like below, which is why I
deleted those two policies.

I am continuing to work on this, but if any one has some advice please let
me know.

Event Type:     Warning
Event Source:   MSExchangeMTA
Event Category: Security 
Event ID:       9297
Date:           12/10/2004
Time:           9:55:56 PM
User:           N/A
Computer:       EXCHANGE
The user /o=clientdomain/ou=First Administrative
Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=EXCHANGE1 has caused a security
violation. Locality table (LTAB) index: 206. Windows 2000 error code:
0X80070005. [BASE IL MAIN BASE 1 237] (14) 

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