RE: Please Help! Old mails recovery!

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No.  You won't be able to get to the mail data if the store is off-line.  

A good way to do what you want to do is to connect to the store with the
mail client, create a PST, and copy the folders into it.  Don't do anything
via the M: drive if you can help it.  Once you have it in a PST, you can
then munge the server, create the new one, and upload the folder contents
into the new mailbox.  Works fine for a few mails. 


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Hey all!

situation: exchange 2000 in a 2000 domain

we´ve got an backup from our exchange from 24.09.2003, there is a mailbox
from which we need some mails. so far so good, there are a couple of options
we´ve got to get them back in our "live-database" from today. i have an idea
how we can get them very fast, easily and SAVELY:

on a exchangeserver, theres is the mapped drive M: In that drive you can
find all the mailboxes, right? when you copy, i.e. a mail from folder
m:\bla\\inbox to m:\bla\\inbox the second
user see this mail in realtime. this works fine! now we get back to our
backup: my idea is to set up a new exchangeserver, put the backup-mailsorage
in it, access the m: drive from the new exchangeserver, (EVERYTHING OFFLINE,
otherwise we will get big problems, thats for shure) copy the mails out of
drive m: , delete the exchange and its services, the connect to the LAN and
copy all the mails (we are talking about 20 mails) in our
"live-exchangestorage" with using my "M:
- drive - idea" and thats it!

and here is my question: do we have to set up the new exchangeserver to make
this possible, or can we just map a drive M: on a server where is NO
EXCHANGE installed (the we´ve got not the problem taht everything got to
happen offline) to access the old *.edb files as i wrote some lines above?
if this is possible, a can go home early today :-)


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