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On 2 Jan 2006 at 8:12, Devin McBride wrote:

> I have to agree with Tiago on this.  There is no functionality with
> GFI to leave a copy on the server, it would be best to just allow this
> user access to OWA. 

True, but that has significant security implications...

> connector that comes with SBS2003 (mainly because I cant set the
> schedule less than 15 minutes...)  I don't 'think' that it has the
> ability you are looking for, but I could be wrong. 

PopConPro will do what you need.

I have several clients using it, and recently used it when transitioning from 
the ISP's mail server to an exchange server, it can be set to leave mail on 
the server for whatever period you like, you can see a screen shot of the 
account config page here

It's reasonably cheap at US$129 and includes antivirus, antispam and several 
other useful features.

It does have some interface issues that I've brought up to the developer's 
attention, most notably

1) no way to setup a default configuration and then use that as a template
2) no easy way to setup/reconfigure multiple pop3 accounts concurrently

In regards to item2, I had to setup 60 accounts, to say it was tedious would 
be an understatement.

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