OWA Behing ISA

  • From: "Dwight Maddox" <dwight_maddox@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 06:41:26 -0600


I do not know if you guys can help me or not.  I do not know if you would
classify this as an ISA problem, Exchange or IIS.  But incase, I am
posting the message to IAS list and Exchange List.

I am trying to set up Outlook Web Access behind an ISA Server.  The
Exchange server that I want to talk to is on the same box as the ISA
server.  It is not the primary exchange server, but it is a member server,
I am trying to put together an exchange front end-back end topology.  I
had followed the recommendation of the documentation that I found to have
a DNS A record that would point to the outside address of the ISA server
(outlook.company_name.com).  I followed the instructions on TechNet to set
up a destination set for OWA, and to allow traffic with header destination
of outlook.company_name.com to point to the internal web server IP of the
ISA/Exchange box.

Here is my problem.  I think that I am missing something about what is
actually going on from an IIS perspective to authenticate to exchange. 
From inside the network, you type computername/exchange and either the
server uses pass through authentication to send you to the right mailbox,
or if you do not have a mailbox, then it prompts you for login
information.  But I cannot tell you how any of the IIS magic happens with
Exchange.  I do not see any ?default? web page or asp that is executing
through the default web site to initiate all of the exchange
authentication stuff.  I cannot tell if I am dealing with a problem with
ISA passing information, or if I am dealing with an IIS issue where all of
the right stuff is in the right web space.  When I try to hit the DNS name
through a web browser, I get every indication that I am having an IIS
problem and there is no web page defined or some sort of host header

Does any one know what I am talking about or have you dealt with this
situation, or implemented a like solution.

Thanks in advance,

Dwight Maddox
Network Administrator
Transit Authority, Louisville KY 

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