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A bad virus infection requires careful research into what the virus does and
how to clean it. Symantec is very good about this on their website.
Additionally, once you have the system "clean" of the virus your work may
just beginning. I have yet to see a badly virus infected computer that did
not have additional viruses as well as Spyware and/or Adware on it.


If you are new to this kind of problem, you either need to take the needed
time to research the problem or contact a professional who has done this


Some of the steps that may be involved in a cleaning/recovery:


1.      Dismounting the hard drive, mounting in a lab computer with another
hard drive that has an OS on it, booting to that drive and scanning the
drive in question.
2.      Cleaning the registry
3.      Restoring the registry
4.      Modifying registry permissions
5.      Restarting into safe mode, several or many times
6.      Reinstall AV software
7.      Manually replacing corrupted files
8.      Run the OS install on top of itself (often called in-place upgrade
of same OS)
9.      Reinstalling service packs and updates
10.     Installing and running 2-3 anti-Spyware programs such as Spybot
Search & Destroy, Lavasoft AdAware and MS AnitSpyware.
11.     Modifying the HOSTS and LMHOSTS file, or replacing it.


If you know what you are doing, plan on spending at least 4 hours working on
this, but more likely 6-8 hours.


John T

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Dear All


We have a windows XP (NTFS partition) system badly infected with virus. It
does not allow doing anything on it, I don't want to format and rebuild the
systems , how can I clean viruses from the systems , it is not allowing to
install anything on it ,  there are rescue disks which can be used in 98 and
Me only . What could be solution for this, ca n we somehow boot from dos and
run any antivirus that supports DOS as well as NTFS PARTITIONS? 


Thanks in advance 


Shamshad Ahmad 


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