Missing Inbox messages in Outlook 2000 with Exchange 5.5

  • From: "Jose Alfonso" <Info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 20:52:50 -0600

This pertains to Exchange Server 5.5, running on MS-SBS(Small Business
Server) for Windows/NT 4.0 only.... I have missing mail not being
displayed for one user on our server.

I recently migrated about four workstations, they are all running
Windows/2000 Professional, with Service Pack 3. The new workstations are
running fine, except, one particular workstation is not receiving an end
user's normal mail in the 'Inbox' whe connected to the Domain named NT1.

The user used to see over 14,600 items, 2300 unread (as part of the bottom
nav bar on Outlook 2000). Now, she sees 329 e-mails, as parft of her Inbox
folder, and all of her personal folders combined. When we look at her mail
profile on the Excahnge 5.5 (NT1 domain) server, it states that she has
over 18,231 items of mail.

WHAT IS GOING ON ? - we did the same workstation migration for four other
users, and everyone else seems to be working fine and are able to see all
their mail after implemention of the new workstations. In summary, one
user on our Exchange 5.5 server see a fraction of the actual mail ietms.
We've check customized views on Outlook (and she has none), we've check
that she points to Exchange mail vs. Personal folder mail, and that is
also working fine!

What are the possible things that can cause this ? HELP, HELP PLEASE ....


J. Alfonso

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