RE: Migrating 3 org 5.5 to 1 new org 2000

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I have used several of the methods that you have discussed.  My tool of
preference has been Aelita's EMW suite.  It is somewhat complex to
setup, but once you have permissions etc... correct, it works extremely
well.  The one draw back with any green-field migration I have found is
that the data transfer rate is marginal at best.  We have found an
actual perfomance generally in the 500 MB / hr range maximum using a
combination of tools.  Beware of all of the advertised "data migration
rates" by the migration tool companies.  I have found them to all use a
bit of "funny math" when the calculate the actual throughput.
Hope this helps.
Joseph B. Martin

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Hi all, 

I'm working on an Exchange migration project and have to
consolidate/merge three exchange 55 organizations in one newer under
Exchange 2K.

At this point, I see two way to do it : 
1°) merging the 3 exchange 55 organizations in one and updating to
exchange 2K after 
This sounds the best way to do it, well documented by Microsoft and
technically more simple. But I prefer to start from a green/fresh
install of a new ex2K organization than updating an old one. ( anyway, I
have to move servers between orgs ).

So why no this one : 
2°) merging and migrating in the same time directly to a new exchange 2K
This one looks more quicker but technically very hard. 

As anyone tryed it ? How does it feel ? ;-) 
Did someone experienced heavy trouble with this one ? 

Using wich tools ? Exmerge for ex2K? Move Server ex55? Mailbox Migration
Wizard ex2K? 
Other tools ? 
Discus Data : ExMS Move Mailbox Manager 
Quest Software : FastLane Migrator 
NetIQ : Exchange Migrator 
Aelita : Exchange Migration Wizard 

Some trouble with routing in the migration phase if some datas keep on
ex55 and other on ex2K ? 

Thank you for all information you can have and feel free to answer on
any subject that I forgot to talk about. 

Pascal Rossillon 

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