RE: Messages waiting to be routed queue

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 16:17:42 -0500

It appears we have found the cause the issue below. Someone had
decommissioned an EX server out in the field and left some  orphaned
connectors. For some reason on one particular EX server our queues would
rise, including Messages to be routed as well ad Messages awaiting
directory lookup. It looks like other servers were having issues but
were brief hiccups, but this one particular server was having the
biggest issue. (This one server has perf issues as well) The queues
would build and then go back down in about half hour. One of our
monitoring utilies reported a dsaccess comm error for multiple DCs. The
specific error code reported that these dsaccess comm errors are related
to link state changes. We noticed some orphaned connectors in the event
log for this particular server reporting that it "failed to read the
state of the connectors..." So in the end it appears that these orphaned
connectors causes dsaccess comm issues which would explain the rising

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Does anybody know some common causes of queues backing up in the
Messages waiting to be routed queue? The queues started to back up for
about 30min to an hour but drained by itself. I turned up diag logging
for transport but did not any relevant errors. This occurred on only one
Exchange 2k server. I'm thinking it was some how performance related as
these boxes are already crawling, or possibly a large message\corrupt in
the queue which I forgot to check before it drained. Thanks.

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