RE: Managing Exchange 2000 from an XP Pro Client

  • From: "Joel Mansford" <Joel.Mansford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 16:39:01 -0000

Installing the "Microsoft Exchange System Management Tools" only, on a
custom install from the Exchange CD, results in the error attached.  The
adminpak.msi is the one downloaded from the MS Website, rather than the
one bundled with Windows 2000 Server, maybe this is the problem?  

Anyone else have experience of this?






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Has anyone had any luck in getting the Exchange 2000 System Manager and
other MMC extensions (e.g. the AD User & Computers add-ons) working on a
Windows XP Professional Client?  

I have the AdminPak.MSI installed (Beta 3) but still the Exchange 2000
install won't play.


Any ideas?



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