RE: Mail delayed and not reaching some external de stinations

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 09:58:02 -0500

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I'm getting the following error returned  on some of the email I send to
external clients: 
Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed. 
I get this error a couple of days or hours after sending the email. A search
of this error on Google returns a few links that seem to point to the
connection being refused but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm and provide
some type of direction on how to troubleshoot this? 
Any responses are appreciated. 


How about some specifics

1) Your Domain, IP 

2) Domain your trying to mail

3) Any recent changes to network 

4) Windows & Exchange Version

Find a representitive email and try to connect to the mailserver of that
domain by telneting from your exchange server on port 25, try both by name
and IP.


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