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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 16:42:39 -0400

Thanks Kevin, that was very helpful.  As I understand it, this creates an Outlook PST file.  So with this tool, each user will be responsible for creating their own PST file and re-importing it into Outlook?
Is there a tool that can create server side PST files (i.e. ExMerge compatible) from Lotus Notes NSF files, so that we do not have to either rely on each user to do it for themselves or have to visit each workstation (across multiple geographical locations)?
For example I came across some promising and low cost shareware tools, does anyone have any experience with them?
Other tools like this one are super expensive, about 10x the cost of the above:

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 9:06 AM, Kevin Suares <suaresk@xxxxxx> wrote:

In this case, you would have to install the Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes (or DAMO) and create a local .PST file for each mail file in Domino. Once you do this, getting the mail file into Exchange is relatively easy.


Note: on the Lotus side, change the mail template to one of the Web Access templates (assuming Notes v. 6.x or higher) then synchronize the Address Book and Journal (if used) from the client before creating the .PST file. This will populate contacts and journal entries in Exchange, making the transition much easier for the users. If this isn't possible, then march on anyway.


This isn't a trivial move. Do it on a test system several times before running it in production, since the free tools supplied don't work flawlessly. There are multiple issues we ran into with file size and problems with the Lotus / Exchange Migration tool that made this task difficult.





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Jabber Wock wrote:



I need to migrate about 100 users from Lotus Notes to Exchange 2003 (not 2007).  The Lotus server is in a remote network, not local LAN.  There is no possibility of connecting them on the same network or AD.  I am told that I will get the Lotus NSF files and that's it.  There is no encryption involved.


Any suggestions on how to migrate these users to Exchange?  If you have done such a migration please let me know what you did.  All the articles I have found so far appear to assume that the two servers are in the same network and AD and that is not the case foir me.






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