[ExchangeList] Re: Joining Exchange 2003 server to a remote domain

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I'm guessing your corporate location has good internet capabilities, but
do they have a good firewall and VPN device?  An inexpensive solution on
your end could be a SonicWall with a cable modem to create a
site-to-site VPN.  Not the best performance and I've never tried to put
a server on the far end of a VPN, but if your getting a couple meg out
of the cable modem you should be in good shape.  Just remember that if
your connection is down for any length of time you'll hose up
replication and Exchange is not gonna be a happy camper.  The expensive
part is at the corporate side, you'll need some kind of VPN concentrator
or appliance.  The Cisco ASA 5500 Secirity Appliance is very nice and
very secure.
Take a look at Cisco and SonicWall web sites for several scenarios on
how to setup a VPN.
On the other hand have you thought about the same scenario but leaving
the Exchange server at corporate and having your users use OWA?  Could
work for a low user count.
George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.


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No it is not.  It is a newly installed server, not yet joined to any

On 5/12/06, Michael B. Smith <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Is the server already a member of the domain?



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        I have a need to set up an Exchange 2003 server which is located
hundreds of miles away from the corporate location, where the AD (DC)
resides.  What would you recommend for this scenario?  VPN?  Other?
Will Microsoft VPN ( i.e. RAS server running on the same server as the
Exchange server) work for setting up a VPN tunnel?


        best regards


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